In Memory

Paul Smola

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07/07/13 11:26 AM #1    

Ron MacDonald

Ex-Norwin Athlete Drowns Attempting to Swim Across Allegheny.

Paul was an excellent person as well as a good friend to many.

Many years have past but I continue to keep him in my thoughts.


07/08/13 11:08 PM #2    

Lynn McDonough (Schuster)

Paul was one of the nicest guys at Norwin.  I will always remember him with a smile on his face.  I am really sad that he passed away and in such a scary way.  When did this happen?  Where in the Allegheny did he drown?  

Lynn McDonough Schuster

07/09/13 09:58 AM #3    

Ron MacDonald

Hi Lynn,

          Paul attended a Pirate game with some friends from Slippery Rock in I believe 71-72.

Instead of walking the bridge they decided to swim. Although an excellent athlete, swimming was not

Paul's strong suit. They recovered his body a day or two later down stream. What made it even harder

was I intended on going to the game with them. You are exactly right always a smile and he never had anything

bad to say about anyone. A true loss of a Norwin Knight.




07/09/13 11:31 PM #4    

Lynn McDonough (Schuster)

Thanks for the information, Ron.  I have been trying to find out what happened to Paul for years.  You lost a good friend, and we all lost a really decent classmate.  It's hard to believe that he is not out there somewhere living his life.  He was so young.  When you think of all the things we all have seen and done since we were 20 or 21, you realize how much he missed out on. 

I hope you have been happy and that life has treated you well.  Take care and thanks again.


07/11/13 06:06 PM #5    

Cynthia "Sam" Snyder

I sat behind Paul all through school.  He was a wonderful person.  Never a bad word about anyone.  I still think of him often.

07/23/13 08:08 PM #6    

Kirk Breakey

Paul was, as any of you who knew him, one of the true good guys of the world. He was my almost next door neighbor and best friend from birth...there was a permanent path through the fields that seperated our homes. Our friendship continued as long as he was alive. Paul had an innocence and joy for life that few posess, with not a hint of animosity toward anyone.

I was with Paul not too long before his died and we talked about death...Paul said he would not want anyone feeling sad at his passing...wierd, but true.

As Ron said earlier, Paul did drown in the river after a Pirates game. They recovered his body on June 19th, 1973.

Why he would try that swim, with his weak swimming ability, is anybody's guess. It makes me wonder why Paul, who did very few reckless things in his life, should be gone when I, who could write the book on stupid, reckless, dumb-ass moves, am still here writing this.

Paul still visits my dreams on occasion and I do my best in those dreams to get him laid.

To any and all of you that may care enough about our fallen classmates, know that Paul was one of the best.

08/08/13 07:16 PM #7    

John Wieland

I drive by Pauls old house every day.....and think of him often....

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